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Welcome to Kibbutz Gaash's Homepage - an online presence since May 1997

Our first members arrived in Israel during the Independence War of 1948, and took part in the heroic defense of Kibbutz Negba. In November 1949 the Hashomer Hatzair Latin America "A" groups were gathered at "Ahli Kahsem", near Moshav Bnei Tzion in the Sharon area. On July 5th, 1951 Kibbutz Gaash was formally founded at its present location, a picturesque bluff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, just north of Tel Aviv. Today Kibbutz Gaash is home to 357 members, 10 candidates, 145 children 18 soldiers and 19 guests for a total of 549 people.


For Information on the Kibbutz Industries & Businesses:

Gaash Lighting Industries T.S.R. Gaash Tourism Gaash Sod Farm
Lighting Industries T.S.R. Tourism Sod Farm

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